Training=Rehab—Rehab=Training DVD set

This is the long-awaited DVD debut from world-class physical therapist Dr. Charlie Weingroff and it’s an absolute monster.

Training=Rehab, Rehab=Training
is a 12+ hour, 6-disc set shot on-location over a weekend at an Equinox Fitness Club in New York City. It documents Dr. Weingroff’s continuing efforts to reinvent and redefine the language between the rehabilitation and performance enhancement training landscapes. And while there are plenty of examples for those who just want the exercises, these DVDs are more about designing your own blueprints based on common rules that medical professionals and personal trainers should honor.

If you weren’t there, this puts you in the room for the entirety of an extraordinary voyage with one of the most influential and outspoken voices in the industry. Training=Rehab, Rehab=Training will surely be an educational milestone and a must-have in the collection for every physical therapist, strength coach and personal trainer.

6-discs, over 12 hours!

Writes Charlie Weingroff—
The goal of my DVD set is teach non-medical professionals the SFMA with restrictor plates. There will be no breakouts, no manual therapy, and no treating pain.

I think it is a huge void where non-medical folks don’t have the tool(s) to work side by side with medical clinicians with the same template. Non-painful dysfunction is the FMS; you will learn how to get into those patterns with my DVD, and you will leave the painful patterns to those that are qualified. If that happens to be you anyway, all the better.

You’ll find a lot more explanation than just the SFMA. Topics will be typical injuries you see when the joint by joint goes wrong, the core pendulum theory, and understanding the inner core.

But I also hope I am not going to disappoint anyone as this version of the material, like I said, will be the SFMA with restrictor plates. There will be no breakouts, no manual therapy, and no mechanism to treat people with pain.

What I want is for non-medical and medical folks to be able to use the same template to answer one of the MAJOR things I don’t care for, which is folks using the FMS in the presence of pain. After this DVD, you will know how to start to unfold the roadmap when you work with someone in pain. But I will not be the ones to give you tools that you may or may not be qualified to use. I respect that many non-medical clinicians are quite capable particularly manual therapists with an exercise background. I just don’t think it is appropriate to potentially put a chainsaw in the hands of a 4-year old. It’s not the right thing to do, and it’s also not really possible to put into a DVD.

I thoroughly explain why the rules are so clear when the FMS yields pain, but also demonstrate how the SFMA can also take you to swings, deadlifts, get-ups, push presses, etc.

What should be very enticing is that when non-medical folks are working with people in conjunction with poor physical therapists, you will clearly be the one that gets that person back to function, not the PT.

6-discs, over 12 hours!

Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training, 6 discs, over 12 hours for $197. The product page is on the right side panel right above the front cover of the DVD set. This is also available as a digital download product via the On Target Publications site.

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19 Responses to “Training=Rehab—Rehab=Training DVD set”

  1. Sam Leahey says:

    I’m extremely looking forward to this product!

  2. yeah!!! Christmas is coming early. This is all I want from Santa. Awesome!

  3. Michael says:

    We’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for the product today…look forward to the product

  4. Ray McCarthy says:

    My older son has his first High School Hockey Game at 6:00PM. Will this be taped for later listening. AND I still want to purchase the DVD’s where do I go to get them.

    Do I sound anxious?
    That’s because I AM!

    Ray Mccarthy

  5. Charlie says:

    Ray – If you sign up for the Webinar, you will get a message after it’s recorded on how you can watch it after the fact. Just sign up, and you’re good.
    The DVDs will sell right here on this page.

  6. Rex Kanis says:

    Love it, can’t wait for it to get out?

  7. Anthony Connors says:

    Congrats Charlie. Looking forward to it.

  8. Jonathan Wisniewski says:

    Congradulations on getting this out for all those who are looking forward to it.

  9. Tristan Sharp says:

    I will definitely be saving up for this. Your Webinar was great as well, it was very clear and succinct. I could fully understand your pendulum theory even with no background in exercise science or anatomy. It was extremely informative.

    Tristan Sharp

  10. Charlie says:

    Thank you, Tristan.

  11. Charlie says:

    Thank you, Jonny WIs.

  12. Jeff Blair says:


    How long to ship please? I am going to be in Kentucky from Dec. 23-28 for Christmas and would like to watch it on the flight back on December 29. I am going to order today (12-20).

    If December 28 is too quick of a turnaround, I will ship it to California where I will be after December 29. Thank you

    Jeff Blair

  13. Charlie says:

    Jeff – There’s no way for me to project shipping especially this time of year. If you get in tonight, I’d try for the Kentucky address by how quick they are getting processed and getting to folks.

  14. John Watson says:

    I am learning a lot from Training=Rehab, Rehab=Training. Is it possible to purchase the materials the attendees of the seminar used? if so I would like to purchase them.
    John Watson

  15. Charlie says:

    John – I’m sorry, the slides are not available for purchase. Many of them will be rebroadcasted in a Q&A Webinar coming out very soon.

  16. Will Rodriguez, ACSM-CPT says:

    What exactly does this mean?

    “… the SFMA with restrictor plates. There will be no breakouts,”

    Can anyone help? Please forward reply to

    For the record, I know what SFMA is, but restrictor plates, breakouts.

  17. zach manolakes says:

    how can I buy the product?

  18. Joe Hajek says:

    Just finished disc one with a fellow trainer and all I gotta say is FASTBALL!!! Weingroff blowing my mind AGAIN! Video editing skills needs some work though. I wish we could see what your doing when your trying to demonstrate a movement. Camera guy only catches half of it or none of it at all. And I’m guessing from the comments above the PDF isn’t available.

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