ACL in Action

Learn the industry-leading plan which tells you exactly what to do and how to coach someone during an ACL recovery process.

Now available for digital video streaming!

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I want to take you back several years where my good friend Vince Gabriele came to me and said, “Charlie, I need you to teach me everything that you know of what you would do for someone that had an ACL recovery process.”

I gave Vince basically, “This is what I would do outside of where we’d look at some manual therapy for some anterior knee pain.”

We left that part out because Vince was able to refer out in the area that he’s in.

He then developed an incredible reputation in his community not only for the great things he was doing with athletes and the adult population, but particularly for this niche. So of course, there’s a message of working together here.

This process has been replicated successfully in a lot of other places, and it’s exciting that now we’re replicating it in video form.

This is exactly what I would be doing, or if I had trainers working for me, this is the plan that they would be running.

What you'll learn in ACL in Action:

- What to do and how to coach someone during an ACL recovery process

- Seven modules on Phase 1 training

- Five modules on how to train around the knee

- Bounce to… Series 

- Box Jump Series

- Jump & … Series 

- Lateral Landing Technique Series 

- Locomotion patterns

- Objective targets for return to play

- Redefining “intelligent” 

What ACL in Action Purchasers Say!

THIS IS WHAT I'VE NEEDED FOR YEARS!!!!! I feel like now I can train my clients and not be scared that I'm going to hurt them!

Charlie jokes about being the best in the world, but to me he is! This video series and all of T=R are must havesI

DJ Carter

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