T=R: KettlebellS

Over 5 hours on kettlebell techniques, cues, coaching tips, and much more!

Available for digital video streaming!

T=R: Kettlebells covers:

– A review on what joints should do for each technique

– Specific cues for the deadlift, swing, squat, press, get-up, and the cheat clean

– How to get dialed in for the deadlift, swing, and squat

– Quick screens to use, benefitting you and your clients in the Press and Get-Up

– When to use kettlebell strategies

and more!

Most importantly in this digital streaming video, gain access to Q&A sections with real trainers asking Charlie for his insight as a coach, and why his T=R systematic approach is so successful.

What T=R: Kettlebells Purchasers Say!

The TGU section was practically a seminar in and of itself! It was legit like a black belt private lesson on the TGU!

Other instructors should take note


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