T=R2: Lateralizations & Regressions

Be empowered to reinvent and redefine the language between the rehabilitation and performance enhancement training landscapes… focusing on principles from Dr. Charlie Weingroff, DPT, ATC, CSCS that medical professionals and personal trainers should honor along the continuum.

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The highly anticipated sequel to T=R.

One of the most innovative minds in Human Performance… Is Back.

Charlie Weingroff’s “Lateralizations & Regressions” is the highly anticipated sequel to “Training Equals Rehab…”

This 13+ Hour set brings updated content as well as fresh views from the mind of Dr. Weingroff, including training methodologies that incorporate the 4 pillars of Human Performance: 1) Movement, 2) Output, 3) Readiness and 4) the Sensory Systems.

Other topics include:

• The 3 Perspectives of Movement (Biomechanical, Neuromuscular, and Neurodevelopmental)

• Updated views on the Joint By Joint Approach based on each Perspective

• Review of methodology claims and personal methodology

• Mobility Lab

• Hands-On and Neurodevelopmental Progressions of Breathing, Rolling, Crawling, Hinging, and Upper Body Diagonal Patterns

• This Raw and Un-filtered approach to training the Human System will forever change the way you engage your clients, athletes and patients.

What T=R2 Purchasers Say!

Bottom line up front: If you are a coach or clinician seeking to bridge the gap between rehab and performance in a high-performance training model, Charlie Weingroff’s acclaimed T=R2 - Lateralizations & Regressions is a "must have."


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