Arm Exercises

Over the last year I seriously have not prescribed a single set of “arm” exercises. Over the last few days I’m considering re-employing these exercises with limited use. Where do you place these exercises in your program?

First consideration with these exercises is reading the person. If the person wants to do them, we have to find a way to get them in. I’l say this because they are not bad exercises. They’re just not the best ones for their intent. So if I have like right now a former NFL HOFer, I am not going to push all of my stuff down his throat. So what we’ve done is try to teach thumbs up raises which gets us away from internal rotation and elevation. For the soccer moms, we can combine single leg work with curls and presses and pushdowns. Kind of like hybrids/complexes in the context of western bodybuilding methods. I think the line can be blurred as these moves still honor joint by joint and still get us to a good place at the end of the day.

For aggressive older guys still in great shape, they can do arms. It still meets integrity, and it gives them what they want. But it’s still in our tri- and quad-set packages, and it’s not the foolishness of hitting them from different angles, etc.

Especially younger athletes, I like sets of 20, and I like them with the Keiser air or bands. The speed and full body action of the movement meets some power goals and slim kids get put on some size. I think this is purposeful, useful, and effective. These are also good moves to reinforce grip, posture, joint position, breath, and primitive patterns. Sound familar?

Best options? Probably not.
Useful and purposeful? Absolutely.

  • March 22, 2010

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