Box Squat

In response to a recent question on, this is how I set up teaching a bodyweight box squat.

Choose a surface from which to squat up from. This can be anything based on rehab/training environment. The cuing as below is like for someone with acute knee or maybe back pain. I wouldn’t expect to be so detailed for an athlete doing this.

I will put their feet into footprints where the tibia are both vertical, perpendicular to the floor. I will also allow some toe out, more if it is an older individual or someone very challenged in their hips.

My cuing is to reach out with both arms to grab a guide-wire that goes from where the wall and ceiling meet in front of them to where the wall and floor meet behind you.
From there, pull your self up.

Typically you will see the individual lead with the knees, which is probably the problem in the first place. So we can use manual RNT or blocking the knees with a dowel or stools.

  • Neck back, lead with the chest, push the knees out.
  • Don’t let the knees go forward, make them go out.

Lots of more fine tuning as needed, but that’s pretty much it. The surface, the depth, the load, etc. are all up to you.

You spare the knee and add shear to the spine. I think the shearing in the spine can be attenuated with active means through SAID.

  • March 29, 2010

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