Mini-band walks

In a question about mini-band walks, a PT asked about foot positioning.

We use these liberally with Perform Better minibands @ the knee and/or the ankles and a JS miniband for X-band walks. I haven’t cut up any JS bands as Coach Boyle uses.

For a rehab patient, I think they fill several of the warm-up goals with both upper and lower body activation, movement, and guarded range in the case when other qualities of the warm-up are not appropriate yet.

Toes are always forward.

Toes out is an easy cheat, and toes in facilitates the TFL. If they need to do band walks in a rehab situation, the last think I want is TFL doing all the work in a “glute” exercise. TFL flexes, IR, and ABDucts the hip. Even if you are knees locked and tall, 2/3 is still no good.

  • March 30, 2010

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Adam Reply

This is actually something I’ve thought a fair it about. I agree w/toes forward. Do you have people do them w no hip flexion, I.e. perfectly upright?

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