Wednesday, 4.7.10 – ME Lower

Warmup – Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Arm/Leg Rolling, Pressups, Indian Clubs

Spider Bar Box Squat
450+micro 2×4 (high box)

KB Swings
32 Kg, 5 min 10 reps on/off with Matt

48kg Swings
Inverted Rows Thick Grip
Indian Club High Swing

Prowler + Julia 6x~30yards

Only me and Matt today.  No trouble with the monolift; I was able to get behind him on the last of his triples.  Made him go to the low box for the first time.  He got pinned with 1 wheel (170), but regrouped and blased 205 for a triple on his last set.  Very inspiring watching him battle through with good form.
Even weeks [we’re up to week 8]of Pavel’s squat program from PTTPP are supposed to be easier weeks.  This week was definitely easier compared to Week 6.  I’d prefer not to use the high box, but I am going to run with the program.

Talked Matt into swings.  32kg was  good weight.  I like set reps rather than just go for time.

Lot of fun with Julia, and her Spanish is getting better.  Ella puede decir “Estoy lista.”  And then off we go…………

Woke up @ 179.6.  Started workout @ 179.8.  Finished 179.4.
Both shoulders felt great.

  • April 7, 2010

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I love it!

Please don’t ever stop giving us your training log Dr.Weingroff. I feel veiwing and studying the training program of an esteemed colleague is worth the same amount of knowledge you’d get as if they wrote an article. Over time, your thought process towards training will become clearer and clearer simply by studying your training logs.

Thanks again Dr.Weingroff! I think i speak for most when i say we are all VERY excited that you finally decided to start a website!

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