DE Lower – 4.17.10

Me, Tom, Jeff Stru
Again, these guys are doing their bodybuilding thing next Saturday, so they stuck with SLDL while I went off the JS Platform. No Matt or Ty this morning as they did TSC, which I will put into another post this weekend.

DL (barefoot, JS Platform, minis quad’d)
165 5×1
215 5×1
265 1×1

TBDL (thick grip, high setup)
235 1×8
285 2×8
305 1×8

GHR BWx8,8,8,10,13
1-arm KB FSq 5/5 – 20kg,20,20,24,32
Plank-Birdog-Pushup Plank
—–Breathing in these static positions is the application of Kolar’s principles into strength and performance training.  I disagree that Kolar’s work is only for rehab.
Jeff Stru’s mom commented that my GHR look good, which was much more complimentary than her suggesting that I was leading with lumbar extension or lost my neck.

Probably got some 30″+ vertical jumps cheering during TSC, which I will put it another post.

  • April 17, 2010

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