DE Upper – 4.19.10

Warmup – Foot MFR, Z-Drills, Segmental Rolling

Bench (pinky on ring)
up to 130+160 bands 6×3
–Tom was dominant @ 159 lbs. Very strong with bar speed.

I am skipping Friday ME, so I will do well without benching for another week.  This was like the 4th or 5th consecutive bench training with bands.  Poor programming for me.

Pause Bench (pinky on ring)
185 1×3
225 1×3
265 1×1

Pull-ups / Floor Triceps Extension
5×6 w/pause @ hang
25 1×12, 45 4×5

Armbar 16kg, 3×8 R/L
Seated T-Spine Extension
Checked in with Steve to re-up my Z-Drills.  We are going eyes left, rotated left now.

  • April 19, 2010

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