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Recent question from an excellent young D1 basketball strength coach, Nate Brookreson @ Eastern Washington about the FMS Certification…………

I have mixed support the FMS Certification process at this time as it really doesn’t do anything for you clinically. Business-wise, the directory is nice, but I’m not too sure the general public is really looking at it as a mandatory go-to place to find private personal trainers.

For $129 or whatever it is, will it look good on your resume? Absolutely. I like seeing it on someone’s resume. That tells me they have been to the course, and they care enough (business or clinical-wise) to try to distinguish himself from others.
I maintain my certification if for nothing else to support the methodology and mentors I believe in and have handed me the success I’ve had on a silver platter.

Like with any Cert, the Cert itself doesn’t guarantee substance anyway. I don’t know that someone like Coach Boyle has any certification (maybe he’s kept his ATC??) other than being brilliant. And I know 1st hand that there are FMS Certifieds and TPI Level 1s that are bogus. Only God knows what other certs are worth.

I’ve recently had 2 big box gyms approach me with similar questions and looking for my involvement in teaching.
One of them was with 2 of the most revolting disgusting human beings I’ve ever been in a room with that just wanted the FMS Certs because they knew it would sell in their marketing brands. At least the facility manager, who is still closer to a loser than the sales guy and the owner, admitted that the FMS wouldn’t work because they are more about just letting people do whatever they want in the gym and training. He respects the FMS, which is great, and I actually respected his approach because at least he was honest.
My point is that a lot of people get Certs for other reasons than just the quality of the information behind it. The problem is that you never really know. I mean how is a general public person that has heard amazing things about the FMS or this and that really going to know if this FMS Certified trainer is legitimate or not. Buyer beware.

The other gym was the total opposite. And mind you, I am beaming with pride if any of my influence led this young man to leave the above referenced gym and moved on to a new place that appears to have some integrity. After we talked about an hour about their education module, I was very impressed that he was more about exposing his trainers to what he believed the right stuff was, not just a Certification.
Plus, it’s always flattering when people listen to you. ­čÖé
Well done! Well done.
Thank you.

  • April 9, 2010

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Nate Brookreson Reply

Dang coach, thanks for the shout out! I don’t know why it took me so long to find your website, but I have my weekend filled with some serious reading! Take care.

Tim Vagen Reply

Charlie…I could not agree with you more. Knolwedge is the key here brother, not the cert. The cert is excellent for someone who is new to the industry that can take it further. My students are surprised to find out I do not have the FMS cert.

Great blog. Now on my must read!

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