Friday, 4.9.10 – ME Upper

Me, Matt, David Green, Zucker
Tom is in San Diego for I-Phase, and the other guys are sucking for their bodybuilding meet. Don’t ask.

Narrow Grip Floor Press (thumb off the smooth)
45 2×10
95 1×10
145 1×5
185 2×5
225 1×5
255 2×3
275 1×2
275 pinned
245 1×4
So maybe it’s the shoulder that definitely hurt, maybe it’s the body weight 179.5, maybe it’s poor reference for a max lift with such a close grip, but this was very disappointing. I expected to go 275×3 and 315 for 1 with this super close grip.

Pull-ups on Rings (25#chain around neck) / Band push-downs (green)
4 rounds, 4-6 pull-ups + 10 pushdowns

Bench Gauntlet (1,2,3,4,5 Boards)
Narrow Grip again
135 5 reps each
185 got to 5-Board, think I got 2

Lot more pull-ups with Matt on the regular bar
Up to 7 BW and 4 with Las Amarillitas por los dedos
Las Amarillitas are the little 10# GoFit kettlebells on my feet.  Matt had to get to 100 in training for next week’s TSC.  I had him doing BU KB Press in between every other set.

24kg Snatches R/L 10,8
LOL.  Not the gas, my snatch technique is offensive.

I will put another post on the blog about some of the thoughts from today, which was an excellent workout for the other guys even though I had air let out of my balloon with the floor press performance. Tomorrow morning I am going to get a new Z package from Steve to see if I can get anywhere.
Also, and perhaps more important than all of this above mumbo jumbo, we took after pictures today of me @ 179.5. Rest assured we had some fun. When I get them off Jody’s camera, they will be posted.  A good time will be had by all.


  • April 9, 2010

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