ME Lower – 4.14.10

Me, Tom, JB, Jeff Stru

This is Week 9 of Pavel Squat, so we are back to the SSB. I hadn’t felt challenged yet, but that changed today. Legit 181 going into this morning.
Also, when we squat and DL, I use an Inzer lever belt, which I unscrewed for the 3rd time since dropping weight. I wear Inzer briefs that I got from Shawn Boylan in like 2005. God knows when he got them, so he can attest that they have minimal assistance. I can squat ATG with them on, and I do my Pavel Frog Squats with them on. Maybe they are worth 10 pounds if that.
And the Rehbands Barcelone talked me into getting are worthless. Maybe I need a lower size, but the Mediums that I am supposed to have are totally worthless.

SSB Box Squat
I needed 3 here, but I have a bad habit of giving up at the top of the lift when it’s over. I slowed down, effectively putting the e-brake on for the last rep. I remember pulling @ Ironsport once with a heavier weight, but nothing that I should struggle with. Steve was looking at me all cross-eyed like WTF because it went up so slow at the top when it should be getting easier for me. It’s a bad habit I have.
SSB High Box
Pinned with 515 twice and 495.
425 was a max effort, and the 440 F’d me up.
Last time went high box with SSB was about 8 pounds heavier and with 450. SSB all-time max is 515 to the regular box with a useful old Marathon.
Marc Bartley helped Tom put together this squat program, and has said the high box sets are supposed to scare the shit out of you. Week 7’s Spider sets was scarier than today unracking it, but even with the high box, I couldn’t get the forward lean with the SSB to get off the box. It was just too heavy, not really scared of the weight.

6 reps R/L, ladder 24,28,32,40,48kg. Did 2×6 @ 48kg

Assistance (3 times through)
Thick Grip Inverted Rows
4.5 month old breathing position
Rolling Bridges (Prone to right side bridge to Prone to left side bridge – hold enough to breathe)
Press-Up breathing

No conditioning, squats rocked me.

  • April 14, 2010

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Shawn Boylan Reply

Those briefs were loose on me, at like 215 lbs…..surprised they are still in use…..Good stuff!!!

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