ME Lower – 4.28.10

Me, Tom, Jeff Stru, Matt, Zucker

Warmup: Foot MFR, Z-Drills, Frog Squat – 20kg KB

Spider Bar Box Squat:
525 2×2 (high box, 2nd ~1/4″ lower)
–Felt great compared to SSB 2 weeks ago.  I wanted to use the SSB, but now the Pavel squat program changes the bar every 2 weeks.  I think my problem 2 weeks ago getting pinned was that I was not leading with my chest, kinda giving in to the whims of the SSB.  I folded up and arched a lot harder today, and every weight felt guaranteed as soon as I unracked the bar.

SLDL: (barefoot)
24kg 5/5 off 3-board
40kg 5/5
40kg 5/5 off 2-board
48kg 5/5, 3/3 off 2-board

Pullups off Rings – BW 10, 11, 7
Pushdowns Green Band – 15, 13, 10
Armbar- 20kg 3×5/5
–I know I’ve seen either a pic or video of Marc Bartley doing armbars with the 48kg.  Unimaginable to me.
–This one I can explain as it an adaptation of the Janda Hip ABDuction test, which I believe to one the best “if I had 1 thing to test” screens/tests available for human performance.  I have a band around my knees to create a ADD RNT, and I am doing hip circumduction in internal rotation with the right hip.  I am also hugging the left knee up into flexion.

1 rep = Double 1-arm Swings w/20kg, 8x immediately followed by tempo run/sprint
–The sprint took about 7 seconds, so I am imagining it was around 40 yards.  If I find out it was 20 yards, I will be pissed.  The walk back took about 23-25 seconds.  No rest after reaching back to the KBs.  Did this 5x.

One day I will grow up to be a Ryachu.
For now, I am just a little Pika.

  • April 28, 2010

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