ME Upper – 4.16.10

Me, Tom, JB, Jeff Stu, David Silver from 90210 (formerly known as David Green), Zucker, and Crazy A(aron)
Lots of big stuff today. Jeff came in @ 147.5. Him and JB are doing their little bodybuilding thing on the 24th.
I got my balls busted for my before and after pictures, but the closest I will ever come to a sorry bodybuilding event is supporting my guys in the crowd. I am still 180 legit after a week of more normal eating including last weekend of 40 pieces of sushi, Famous Dave’s with dessert for my dad’s birthday, and a large Ooey Gooey Caramel Brownie Blizzard (minimum 1600 calories).
David Silver came in at I like 198.5, first time getting below 200.  Apparently he almost fainted taking his after pictures.  He was pumped up.

Bench to Half Foam Roller (pinky on ring)
185+120 bands x3
205 +120 bands x3
225 + 120 bands x2 (help w/3rd)
—–I liked the idea of staying with triples, but the bottom line right now is that I am not a good bench presser.  Tons of excuses, the bottom line is that I am not good at bench pressing right now.

Bench to chest (index on ring)
225×10, 235×8
—–Again very weak.  I’ll stay light for DE Monday and Friday I am missing, so this will peter out I suspect.

Pull-ups on Rings / Incline DBs
BWx8, Micro around neck x4, MonsterMini x4, Micro+MM x3
55 1×20,1×17,1×13; 75 1×8

Indian Club High Swings trying to catch high packed
Crossover T’s (yellow Slastix bands)

Conditioning – Ropes Outside Circles
20/20 5 min
rest 1 min
10/10 2 min

TSC is tomorrow.  I’m sure I will be yelling and screaming.  Looking for Matt to go 400, 25, 120.  Captain Safety will go 370, 18, 105.  And Drago will be fun to make fun of.   Hoping Hollywood Hogan shows up again.  This kid is on every high test you can get and wouldn’t know the different between 100 and 1000 pounds on the bar.
Maybe I will do pull-ups.  12 is my PR.  13 after our DE Lower workout is not out of the question.

  • April 16, 2010

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Shawn Boylan Reply

Charlie, Do you guys touch the pad and press or let it sink and drive it off the pad? I’ve done it both ways, just curious….

Charlie Reply

Today was touch and go.

Arthur Lange Reply

Mr. Weingroff,

Is the bench press to the half roller similar to pressing with what they call the “manpon” over on the EliteFTS website, used to reduce some of the stress in the bottom position?

Charlie Reply

Arthur, that’s correct.

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