ME Upper – 4.30.10

Me, Tom, JB, Jeff Stru, Zucker, Crazy A
Tom was the crane today, which I had no problem with because I am sick of Crazy A’s soft starts on the bench. He scares the hell out of me as he starts right over his face with his spastic ass.

Warmup: Foot MFR, Segmental Rolling, Pressups, Indian Clubs

Bench Press (pink on ring)
1×5 185+90 chains
2×1 235+90 chains
1×3 215+90 chains
–Felt really good today. Arch was nice.  No big weights here, but everything felt nice.  Right shoulder sears at the lockout.  I insist that if I can get on top of that like we did with the left shoulder, I will be 220 strong walking around @ 180-182.  Today was nice on the bench.

Pull-ups/25 deg Incline Rolling Tricep Extensions
BWx5; +20kg x3,x4,x5 ; +32kg x2; +48kg uhhhhh no
30 x10,x15; 35×10; 452×8
–Everything felt good today – no pain rolling back into the extensions, so I kept pushing it.  Pull-ups were all PRs.  TSC strict.  32kg was so easy, so I went for the The Beast, but it was retarded.

Helped Matt
–Matt hurt his back on Wednesday, so I rolled him right away when it happened, and it did not abolish for 2 days, but he was very comfortable through this morning.  Of course in NJ, I can’t do manipulations, <sarcastic face> but I can do Grade 5 Mobilizations <more sarcastic face>.
I rolled him again and then started some poking @ the left hip.  Started only because I was on that side.  He started squirming, so I immediately stopped.  It’s important that we recognize that painful/uncomfortable manual therapy should not be met with total body compensation.  Z- and Soma Simple folks, I get that, ok.  So we went right to Reflex Stimulation (RT1), and breathing normalized rather quickly.  Didn’t stay here very long because I wanted to keep working out, and he had a client.
MSF – Eh, call it FN.  MSE – horrendous.  MSE uni L – horrendous, uni R – DN but not so bad.
Went back to some pin and stretch w/breathing cycles on the left hip followed by half-kneeling hip stretch.  Leg rolling w/R axis and L Leg Lock Bridge.
MSE symmetrical, but still DN.
Matt’s back pain was second to limitations in left hip extension, and it came out in the box squat on Wednesday.  Not the box squat’s fault; Matt’s fault for not asking us to fix his hip.
It’s not fixed yet, but he has his package of soft tissue work, breathing in prone positions (left hip extended), half kneeling hip flexor stretches which  are more MET or AIS I guess, inner core, and outer core.  The ultimate game plan is get to OH KB SS and RFESS for locking in extension on that left side for him.

Accessory (2x through)
Armbar 20kg 5/5
Z-Drill-Janda SL Hip ABD Circumduction
Z-Drill-Standing R Rot, EC-Right
Indian Clubs 2# High Swings

5x – 60s Ropes Alternating Waves – 30s Indian Club High Swings – 30s Rest
3x – 20/10 Ropes Double Arm Wave

Great stuff today.  More on the horizon (loaded statement).

  • April 30, 2010

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