Monday, 4.12.10 – DE Upper

Me, Jeff Stru, Bret the Hitman, David Green, Zucker
Tom got back from San Diego, but he texted me at like 615am that he wasn’t going to make it in.

Bench (pinky on rings, minibands)
up to 6×3 165

4-Board Bench (kept miniband on)
Up to 275 2×2, 295 1×1
Big lifts from everybody – Zucker and David got up to 275 for a single. Bret the Hitman is a very strong bencher and stayed with me to get up to 295 for the single.  Jeff is easily under 150 for his bodybuilding contest but was still very strong.
I sunk this low like coming off with a shirt on.

–I got up to 2 25# chains on my neck with the rings for 4s and used the green band for pushdowns
–Between all of us, we used the rings, straight bar, rope, and band

Armbars 10kg
Plank w/leg raises
Z Drill which you wouldn’t believe me even if I tried to describe it

Ropes – overhand grip 40/30, 10 minutes

Friday may be higher reps for ME Upper since the supplemental 4-Board stuff got big for everybody at the end.

  • April 12, 2010

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