Never Let Go

I read 3 books at a time: one for me, one for you, and one to escape us both. Sometimes it takes a long time for me to get through a book because I bounce around, but I catch up a lot when I travel, which is now as I type this somewhere over 30,000 feet on my way to Charlotte.

So with these books, the one for me is a self-help or psych book. Obviosuly failing often, I try to improve myself and be a good person. Last couple have been Blink, Tony Dungy’s New Testament, and Learned Optimism.

The one for you is a training or rehab book. How can I help you? Last 2 were Chaitow’s Case Studies, Louie’s Book of Methods.

The one to escape is a comic book. When you can squat 800 pounds you are allowed to read comics. I finished Identity Crisis in 1 night when I was out @ Stanford. Yeah, there were a lot of pictured.

So in my bag under seat 28D in front of me is Liebenson’s Rehabilitation of the Spine (for you) and Crisis on Infinite Earths (to escape).

On my table in front of me is Never Let Go by Dan John. I’ve had this book a while, just hadn’t gotten to it yet. I’ve also seen his first DVD (I gave Brad the others before I saw them), and I was so moved. At the time, my testimonial was simply that I can only hope that when people hear me speak, they feel like how I felt when I was listening to his DVD.

So I’ve knocked down a bunch of pages in Never Let Go, and perhaps at a date and time when I need it more than ever, I continue to be motivated and glowing reading this book.

So I am adding Dan John to the list of people I hope I get to meet and say thank you.

Of course that list is topped by Vince McMahon.

  • April 22, 2010

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Bob Taylor Reply

What can I read if I can only squat 605?

Charlie Reply

Do you make weight @ 148?

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