Tactical Strength Challenge, 4.17.10

So, this Saturday, Tom had another TSC @ his facility in Marlboro, NJ.  Tom is one of my best friends and training partner, but this Saturday was about the folks that come to train with us.  Some folks come to the TSC out of our training group, some train separately @ his facility, others come from afar.

Any time someone gets up on the platform to be judged, objective or subjective, they are already on the downside of the bell curve.  Just by caring to test and challenge themself in front of others is a sign of greatness.

Well done to the folks in the picture below and Hollywood Hogan who may have been suffering outside after his snatches.
Some videos and everyone who competed.

Matt 350
Staci’s Pullups
Matt and Dr. Nick (52 y/o, 141 BW) Snatching

  • April 18, 2010

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