Upcoming Schedule

Busy next couple of weeks for me…….

May 6-8
Presenting Rehab = Training, Training = Rehab @ Equinox in Century City, CA
–This is the 3-day seminar that we filmed in NYC a month ago.

May 13
Taylor Swift in Newark

May 15
Training=Rehab, Rehab=Training Seminar Series – Morristown, NJ
7pm Sugarland in Camden

May 19
NBA PreDraft
NBASCA Lunch w/Woodway-Vibraflex
Might even consume alcohol with Mike Boyle

May 22-23

2010 Second Annual Boston Hockey Summit and Basketball Symposium
Presenting Day 1
Boston Walking Tour at some point

June 4-6
Perform Better – Providence
Looking like it’s confirmed for 3 days and 3 Green Lantern shirts (I have 4)

  • April 29, 2010

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Steven Bubel Reply

Need to get you down to Texas sometime Charlie. Are you speaking at the NSCA national conference in Orlando?

Charlie Reply

Not speaking. They selected some tool to talk about WBV that no one ever heard of. I probably got Boyle’d by the NSCA too.
Set something up for me in Texas, and we will knock it out.

Michael Reply

What are you going to teach Taylor Swift and sugarland…I need that type of work.

Charlie Reply

Not teaching. Just listening.

Chris Reply

Guess that means you are not going to be at this weekend’s SFMA in Jersey.

Charlie Reply

Chris – No, I was not asked to help with this one. Disappointed, but oh well.

Chris Reply

I am disappointed as well, wanted to see cwagon in action.

Charlie Reply

Tell them when you are there.

Jan Reply


Like your content. Does your site have a RSS feed? Couldn’t find it.

Cheers Jan

Nate Brookreson Reply


Looking forward to hearing you speak at the conference in Boston. I’ll consume a beer or two with you, and I’ll even buy the first round.


Shannon Reply

Are you presenting at Perform Better? I will be there for the conference. I think I will also be attending your May 15th talk. I am passing it on to everyone.

And what is the seminar at Equinox? Is this just for their trainers or is it open to others?

Charlie Reply

Not presenting @ Perform Better.
Can’t wait to see all of the slimeballs you work with on the 15th. I’m sure they will be out in droves.

Equinox is a closed course.
I can do it for your company for about 3 times the price.

Charlie Reply

Jan – There will be an RSS graphic up shortly, but I do believe it is already active for many folks.

Shannon Reply

I saw some of the people who want to attend and I think it is funny. I have to see if I have to meet with the doctor on the 15th. Right now it looks like I can go in on the 14th so I can attend on the 15th. I do not want to miss it. I just hope you don’t have to field stupid questions.

And, what if it wasn’t the company for the Equinox stuff, what if it was just a group of those who believe in the same methodology yearning for more information? Could we do a seminar with another group, perhaps????

I am reading your recent recommendations, again, feel like I don’t know a thing and am trying to figure out where to begin again!!!! At least I know my brain is working, well sort of. Enjoy Cali!

Charlie Reply

Shannon – How do you think Vince McMahon would handle such a request?

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