DE Upper – 5.24.10

Me, Tom, Jeff Stru, David Silver from 90210, JB

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Indian Clubs

Bench Press (Pinky on the ring)
1xfail 225+120 bands
Triples up to 185+120
Doubles up to 205+120
–Very strong with days off. No change in right shoulder lock out.  Probably could have done a single with 225 after 205.  I jumped to 225 after 175 for 3.

25 degree Tricep Extension/Landmine Bent Over Row
30 1×15, 45 3×8
95 1×15 (fat grip), 185 2×10, 1×12

Crossover T’s (yellow Slastix) – 3×20
20 Kg Armbar to 1/4 Get-up – 2×3+3/3+3
–Breath @ top of 1/4 Get-up
Thick Grip Pull-up – 3×3
Plank w/ Leg Circles – 3×2/2

Conditioning (Ropes, double arm waves neutral grip)
20/10 x6
15/15 x5

  • May 24, 2010

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Roy Donaldson Reply


I noticed that you tend to include inverted rows in your training when selecting a rowing choice, although not in the specific session listed above. What are you general thoughts on things like chest-supported rows and seated cable rows? Do you feel that certain athletes can make use of these or that it is preferable to go with the inverted rows that require active control of the floor and keep you in a tall spine and hips extended position? If seated cable rows are out, would a standing version be a viable open-chain variation that would still require some measure of active core control along with being able to keep the hips more extended than seated varieties?

Charlie Reply

Roy – Honestly, I am skewed towards any movement that keeps us out of the seated position. I think there is an attainable posture in a seated position, but I don’t think it’s very easy. We also know that regardless of posture, we have minimum 3x bodyweight compression through the spine in the seated position.
I love your notion that the same pattern can just be done in standing. That’s all you have to do.

The rows I do are variations of Inverted Row, Pull-Ups, Bench Rows, and 1-arm rows.

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