DE Upper – 5.3.10

Me, Tom, Jeff Stru, David Silver from 90210, Zuck

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Z-Drill, Indian Clubs

Bench Press (pinky on the ring)
Triples up to 145 + 120 bands
–Worked on quick reversal off the chest.

25 deg Incline Tricep Extension
30 1×15
50 3×6

Bench Gauntlet (1-,2-,3-,4-,5-Board, thumb off smooth)
85+120 bands, 5x each board
95+120 bands, 5x @1-,2-,3-,5-; 3x @4-
–Very challenging with bands. Until my shoulder feel perfect, which I am very close to, I am probably going to do Triceps Extensions every workout and follow up with band pushdowns during Accessory as well.

Bench Rows – Blues 2×20, Blues+MM 2×15
–Need to do these more, hassle to set up
Z-Drill – Seated Banded ABD w/Circumduction
Plank – Feet elevated, 10 breaths over brace
Z-Drill – 1-leg supported, R Rot/Ext – L Flex

–Didn’t sleep well I suppose, whah, whah, whah

  • May 3, 2010

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