ME Lower – 5.26.10

Me, Tom, JB, David Silver from 90210, Little Mark
–Mark is my height but somehow is like 4 pumps higher on the monolift

Spider Bar Box Squat
520xfail (high box)
520×4 (high box)
–Needed to reminded of the weight on the first set.
Nothing to complain about where squats and DL are going. If I keep this up through August as planned, I think I can do some damage with legit gear.

Rogue Reverse Hyper – 90+ 2×10, 140+ 1×11
–This one is built like Bill Crawford’s. The fulcrum is underneath the bottom of the pad, so you can’t round underneath even if you wanted to. It’s still a challenge to not arch the back to start the lift, but we’ll keep the weights light (not sure they are every really supposed to get as heavy as we often see) and groove the pattern.  Tom started lower down on the pad, so it caught the top of his thigh, preventing him from rounding under.  First time Mark ever tried it; it was too much for him as he was arching his back; you couldn’t even feel much of his glutes turn on, and he is 225+ squatter.
SLDL – 28KG off 3-board 5/5, off 1-board 2×5/5
GHR – BWx1/+12kgx3, +12kgx3, BWx5
–Held the KB in the goblet. This was the heaviest GHR I’ve ever felt. I could not keep form on the 2nd set.

Conditioning (Forward Sled with Spud strap)
A whole bunch up and back
–GymBoss was annoying me, the plates I grabbed didn’t fit on the sled, just annoying.  I’ll have a better setup next time.

  • May 26, 2010

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