ME Upper – 5.14.10

Me, Tom, Matt, JB, Crazy A, Zuck, Alex with long hair
JB actually came on time, and he thought he was cool that he knew what Beast Wars was.  He called some girl the Stegasaurus from Beast Wars.  I told him us “kids” would have thought he was much cooler if he said she looked like Slag from the Dinobots, the dinosaur Transformers in Beast Wars.

Warmup: Foot MFR, Z-Drills, Indian Club Prep

KB-Suspended Bench (pinky on ring)
1×5 w/30# on purples 12kg on mini, 8kg on 2 micros + 20 plate
1×2 w/30# on purples 12kg on mini, 8kg on 2 micros + 15# on micro + 20 plate
1xfail w/above
–First off, this is an excellent lift for Crazy Aaron because he can’t do a soft start.
— Matt’s learning of how to bench is a joy to watch.
–Benching with KB’s suspended takes away the dynamic method, so someone like Zuck really has to bear down into the bench.  This lift like no other teaches you to push yourself away from the bar rather than push the bar up.
–Now to the bad news, my right shoulder hurt every rep.  Still a work in progress.  The weight doesn’t feel heavy, just pain at the right lockout.  Everything comes off the chest very strongly.
–The Z- and dermoneuromodulation with Steve was not the magic it was with the left shoulder, but we weren’t expecting it.  I have some new Z-drills, and I defintely have a clearer path of flexion, so our work Thursday morning was not for naught.  This will help me be more appropriate in TGU.

BWx8, +28kg 2×3, +28kg 1×2+4BW

Swiss Bar Floor Press (last handle) – 125 2×20, 125+40 chains 1×10
Armbar – 20kg 2×5
Band Pressdowns (green) – 3×12
Indian Club Prep – 3×10/10 (little faster, working on in-line with club out to side)

Thick-Grip Pull-ups

Conditioning (Ropes – Outside Circles)
30/30 x1
20/40 x9
I will buy all new gear for 181 body when my right shoulder feels right.  I could probably get Elite with a raw bench with where my squat and DL are right now.  My goals are 181 Elite, 2000, and to out-total somebody with a “name” that is on the gas.

  • May 14, 2010

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Bruce Willoughby Reply


When you mentioned a “soft” start, is this just referring to being able to make more use of the stretch-shortening cycle, as opposed to relying more on “muscling it”/needing more starting strength to drive the bar off the chest, a la lifts from pins (or in the case above, the suspended kettlebells not allowing for as rapid a transition from eccentric to concentric)?

Charlie Reply

Bruce – A soft start on the bench is when you don’t hold the bar after your lift off lets go. The bencher starts the bench immediately out of the rack often times long before the liftoff guy lets go.

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