ME Upper – 5.28.10

Me (back down to 179.5 BW), Tom, Jeff Stru, JB

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Pressups, Segmental Rolling, Indian Clubs

Bench Press (pinky on the ring)
Reps up to 3×145+80 bands + 90 chains
Pause singles to 295, pinned @ 315
–295 was cake, hard to explain the pain with 315 -it just shuts me down
Maybe it’s time to go to the shirt to cover this up on ME and keep working to figure this out or get surgery.
–JB popped his right shoulder on a PR attempt @ 282.5.  I took one attempt to relocate it, but it was already back in.  Typical anterior-inferior pop.  Scary to see, but I gave the phone to Steve to call 911 if it wasn’t back in after 1 attempt.  Tom and Steve did Z- stuff with him afterwards, and he was really calmed down.  He is going to be out for a little while.  He’ll sill be able to squat since we don’t switch off the SSB or Spider for still a while, and if he is stable in DL, that will be fine too.
–Always tough to keep training after something like this, but I did a little while Tom and Steve managed JB with the Z- stuff.

Swiss Bar Floor Press
125×20 (3rd grip)
125×15 (2nd grip)
175 2×5 (2nd grip)
215×3 (2nd grip – lockout, ~30 degrees elbow)
305×3 (3rd grip)

16kg 5/5

  • May 28, 2010

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