Perform Better-Providence Itinerary

Here’s where I’ll be next weekend in Providence for Perform Better.

915am – Steve Cotter.  I loved the bits and pieces I saw when I was @ Peter Rouse’s seminar with Cotter, Mahler, Blackburn, et al, so that is where I’m leaning.  I want to get more personal training ideas here.

1045am – Boyle over Al Vermeil.  Something I lack is experience in shuffling great skills for a large group.  I need this from Coach.

100pm – Lee Burton.  There are never enough opportunities for me to listen and learn from the FM crowd that I aspire to be a part of.

230pm – Boyle Hands-On.  Never a let down, and I think these circuits from FSC3 are things we can put in Monday.

400pm – Undecided between Berardi and Lee Burton.  If I am really moved by Lee’s lecture, I will stick with the Hands-On.  If it is stuff I think I already have, I will go with Berardi.  The frame and tires are my expertise.  I think I’m pretty good to okay with the engine.  But when it comes to the fuel and fuel injector, I just need to listen to others.

800am – Todd Wright.  After my time with him in the Fall, he also clearly has something I don’t have in teaching movement, and I will listen to him every chance I can.  If not him, I would go to Brookfield and continue what Dr. Mike Martino has exposed with the ropes.

930am – Gray Cook.  I want to be Gray Cook when I grow up.  And some other people too, but @ 930am, I want to be Gray.

1100am – Todd Wright.  Continuing with his lecture.

115pm – Gray Cook.  The “same” Gray talk is never the same twice.

245pm – Eric Cressey.  I hope to get what I need with just the lecture.  His medball videos always intrigue me, and lead me to ask if we can be doing more with medballs.

800am – Thomas Myers.  100% Easiest decision all weekend.  I’ve been wanting to see him speak for some time now.

930am – Thomas Myers.  See above.

1100am – If we are still around, either Lee Taft or Aaron Brooks.

Undecided if I will consume alcohol on Friday, but quite prepared for Dewey to sneak me from behind.

  • May 26, 2010

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