RE Lower – 5.29.10

Me, Tom, Matt, Tyrone, David Silver from 90210, Alex with long hair

Definitely not DE.  Call it Repeated Maximal Effort or whatever Louie calls it.

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Pressups, Segmental Rolling, ASLR Leg Lowering, Indian Clubs, Frog Squat, Z- Drills

TBDL (barefoot, belt when heavier)
High Thick Grip
Low Regular Grip
465+50 chains – ummm no
–The grip is mother f’er.  With 465, I tried like 4 times, and I got it a little off the ground the 2, then it just doesn’t budge, but with more range on the lift and the regular grip, it went up pretty easily.  The attempts don’t take anything out of you, so you want to keep trying, but it just doesn’t work.  These grips have no knurling, but chalk does help.
Ty tripled 465 with the handles.  Sick deadlifter.  Sick.

Squat (barefoot, no briefs, UCLA bar)
335 2×3
–This was so awesome for me.  First time in forever with the big bar low on my back, full grip, lats engaged.  Felt awesome.  My grip was thumb off the ring on the UCLA.  Felt like I could compete.  Tom watched, and I was at least 2-3″ in the hole.  The UCLA bar is something Tom found somewhere where a strength coach (I could probably find out who) had big squat bars made for the program, so there are supposedly only 15 in the world.  It is an 8′ bar, weighs 65, and is probably the equivalent of a Texas Squat Bar.  I don’t know the difference between the Texas Squat and Mastadon, but this is like the Texas.

20″ Rack Pulls (barefoot, belt)
4×245+Purples doubled
–I jumped in with whatever Jody and Stacy had on the bar and added the bands.  There were worth @ least 220 at the top.  Maybe more since it’s hard to read the fish hook when you are only 5’nothing.  I planned on going much bigger, but with the bands all the way on the end of the collar, the setup started to look wrong, so I just stopped.  Over the next couple weeks, I want to get 845 from 18″ because that is what Kirk did when I came in 2nd @ a StrengthFest @ Ironsport a few years ago.  I had never done the 18″ rack pull, so I didn’t skip any weights.  I think I got 725, then I could not get 765.  I went into the last event, Rolling Thunder, in 1st knowing I needed a lead because my grip is limited.  I needed probably to win the DL also to keep pace, but I wound up in 2nd place at that event.  I remember that loser Benny trying to help Kirk figure out what he needed to pull to beat me as if Kirk needs any help figuring out numbers.

Landmines – Bar 3×8
6.5 month old Breathing – 3×10
–on back, both legs up, arms out, EC-ER

  • May 29, 2010

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chris Reply

6.5 month old breathing – is this a DNS thing?

Charlie Reply

Chris – Yes, it looks like the T-Spine Rotation w/Hip Flexion that Gray uses as an FMS Shoulder Mobility or Rotary Stability correction.

chris Reply

Why at the end of the workout? Would you use that as a movement prep if it was an upper day?

Charlie Reply

I could use it a movement prep or in this case, it is a rest move with landmines after all the strength training.

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