Extra Work – 6.22.10

Z- session with Steve P
–Apparently I test better with my eyes closed than open on the vestibular tests, which means my glasses may be an impairment.
–Got R shoulder ABDuction to move much better with his stuff and some dermoneuromodulation as manual therapy.  But we did get good results without a lot of touching.
–Neck is much better from my drills and/or ART session.

Conditioning (with Bob G – 65 year old who is as far with a RTC repair in 5 months than most people his age will ever get in their life)
Bunch of down and back with the prowler and sled forward and back
4x 3/1 switching from Prowler to sled down forwards, back backwards
–Prowler was real sticky to the ground today. Real sticky.

  • June 22, 2010

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