How does a trainer talk to PTs?

Question from a personal trainer/strength coach in Arizona……………..

If you did not do sports performance in your clinic, if someone were to send you a “cold e-mail” what would you want it to say? I’m trying to somehow align myself with a group of orthopedic surgeons and PTs and pull in a few more athletes that are not necessarily runners. Any “must haves” or “leave outs” in my e-mail?

I would first like a random message to indicate that the person has done his homework on me.  They know of me, know my of work, kiss ass a little bit.  Maybe indicate that you have worked with clients they have discharged in the past, and they have been very happy.  Indicate we likely have a common thought process in training people.  Suggest they have set you up with a nice rehabilitation so you can continue to help folks meet their goals.

Offering a free session to any referral and the PTs themselves is not a bad idea in my opinion.

It is hard for me to think this way because I do the training myself.  The most important thing to me though is that I know that the trainer isn’t doing nonsense.  They don’t have to be a Charlie clone, but they can’t be doing the things that I don’t stand for.  Learning what the PTs represent before the note would be a good sign.

Can you use your insurance to get evaluated there for something just to see what they do?  Can you use that as an intro and then follow up with an e-mail?  Now you have a name to reference, and you have shown your personal support for their facility.

  • June 20, 2010

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