ME Lower – 6.9.10

Me, Tom, New Jeff, Ant, Santo
–The bruthas. The bruthas.

SSB Box Squat
530xpinned (high box)
480×4 (high box)
530×4 (high box)
–Sweet Jesus. The Pavel program has kicked in.  This was the toughest squat session since this…….
That was raw with wraps.  ATG with 595 @ probably 205.
–So the last couple weeks, the transition from a lighter week back to bigger week has been with a bar change.  Plus the SSB is just a much harder bar to handle for me and Tom than the Spider Bar.  I knew this was coming since Sunday, and I was amped up……but, the 440 was supposed to be 5, and the 460 was supposed to 4.  I got pinned on 5 with 440, and I was psyched out after the slow 460.
–Instead of try 460 again, we went to the high box, and I was still out of it, but we took 25s off, and I killed the 480.  Then on the last set, I went wider, unracking was paper, and I blasted the 530.  Wish we had video on that because when I was done, it was a rare moment on animation.  I think I double punched the wall and screamed.
–I think now that the weights are 85-95%, I am finding that the narrow stance I am using with basically spandex on is not enough for me on the low box.  On the last set, I just visualized guys in canvas unracking, so I was much wider, and coming to the high box was simple.  If I went to the low box as wide as I was, I would have dumped, especially with the SSB.
–Tom misloaded to 425 instead of 405 for one of his 5s or 4s and got pinned, but he came back and also had an awesome workout.
–Santo has a negative shin angle technqiue, which does not bode well for more than a couple wheels on the SSB.  Him and Anthony are new to the monolift, and especially Anthony was muscling the bar to unrack it.  They will get used to the monolift.

Reverse Hyper
+20lb 4×15

Decline TRX Inverted Rows – 3×10
20kg Armbar – 1×5/5, 6/6
12kg BU KB Clean to Press – 2×1+3/1+3
Reverse Hyper +90lb – 3×8

Conditioning Litvinov- 8 32kg Swings into ~40yd sprint
4x walk back as rest
longer rest

Whirlwind of emotions since Sunday.  Today was a big positive part of it.  Even though I didn’t get the 4 and 5, I know if I had gear on, I am easily in the middle 7s.

  • June 9, 2010

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