ME Lower – 7.16.10

Me, Tom, Jeff Stru, David Silver from 90210, JB, Ant, Santo
–2 warmup racks, but I’ll be damned if I am going to warmup with the Spider and then try to go big with the SSB

SSB Box Squat
425 1×5
445 1×4
–Almost went out on the 3rd rep.  Took about 5s before going for #4.
495 2×4 (high box, lower on 2nd box)
–I guess it takes me 2 weeks with a bar to get the groove right as this is the 3rd 2-week wave where the down week was destructive, but the first 20# heavier week was tough.  Last week I went 440 fo 4 and 460 for 1 last week.  I think the Spider next week is 460×5 and 480×4.
–Tom didn’t finish today.  He wasn’t hurt, just not recovered from Sunday’s KB Class.  We did over 200 swings on Sunday; I don’t have half his cardio, so I probably BS’d and plust I was only using a 28 for swings while he was using a 40.  On my last warmup with I think like 365 for 2, I was definitely in a negative shin angle since I was sore today, but not enough to not correct.  He got pinned with his first big set of 360 with a big negative shin angle.  I don’t care who you are, you can not get off the box with the SSB with sitting back that far.

Spider Bar Good Morning (no belt)
265 2×8, 2×10
–No belt makes quite a different.

TRX Inverted Row (feet on bench) – BWx10, x15, x10
Green Band Pushdown – x10, 2×20
–First rep was Ah HAH, can’t do these with no warmup after heavy tri’s Monday.
Batwings – 35# DBS, 3×10
–If Dan John says to do them, I’ll do them.
Indian Clubs – 10s swings 1-arm Movement #2, didn’t count

  • June 16, 2010

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Alex Hoplyakov Reply

Hi, Charlie! Impressive work! Can you please explain what batwings are, or perhaps direct me to where I can find about this exercise? Thanks!

Nate Brookreson Reply

Here is an article where Dan John explain the batwing.

Charlie Reply

Thank you, Nate.

Alex Hoplyakov Reply

Thank you, guys.

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