ME Upper – 6.18.10

Me, Tom, Jeff Stru, Zuck, Ant, Santo, Crazy A
–Little guys with me on the bench and straight bar. Big guys with Tom in the rack for Sorinex Log Bar Incline

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Frog Squat, Indian Clubs

Bench Press (pinky on the ring)

4-Board Bench Press (sinking it)
(index on the ring, ACE shirt)
295×3, x5
–Like paper, felt as easy as it was supposed to. No problem getting to the high 4-board.
–Definitely tough to get on as I am used to the easy Karin shirt. When the arms slide up, this shirt is going to be SICK.  Definitely need to me more efficient in getting the shirt on and reps in on Fridays without holding everybody up.
(thumb off smooth, no shirt)
5s up to 235+80 bands
–Feelin’ nice. Taking the bar off the lower pin has made an enormous difference in my right shoulder pain.
–New Elite wrist wraps too.  Like any new wraps, they feel like a cast.  Pissed that the thumb look ripped the first time I put them on.  Kinda lame, but I won’t send them back as they are good people @ Elite.

Thick Grip Pull-ups – BW3x4,1×3
Indian Clubs – Movement 4x a bunch @ slow and moderate speed
Armbar – 24kg 1×5/5
Birdog – 1×5/5 w/5s hold

Prowler 4x 3min/1min

Super excited about the shirt, the shoulder, and 178.25 BW.  If I walk around @ 175 for a few weeks, I will go with Tom to 165 and suck.  If I am this strong @ 165, I will prove that you don’t need the gas to compete.

  • June 18, 2010

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