RE Lower – 6.19.10

Me, Tom, Dr. Nick, Ty, Matt, David Silver from 90210, Maneesh, the Girls
–Matt and David were on Thick Grip Trap Bar. Maneesh got there late, so he got locked out and had to DL with the girls. He kept busy with those rascly ol’ Clubbells.
–Matt keeps PRing with the reminder that with the thick grip, you can’t rip the bar off the ground unless you are Paul Bunyan.  I think you have to charge into it to get it off the ground, then pop through and hope your grip holds out.  If you go grip and rip, you need one special grip to make that work in my opinion.

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Frog Squats, Static Hips/Dynamic Arms, Indian Clubs, Frog Squats again

~2″ Rack Pulls (Okie Bar)
5s up to 390

Squats (UCLA Bar, raw)
315×17 (knee wraps)
–Could have done 20 if someone screamed at me to do it.  16 and 17 were tough but not stalled.  Feels good having the big bar on my back.

Joe P pulled his hamstring, so I Gua Sha’d his hamstring and B paraspinals.  Superficial Back Line to keep up with the times

~40 yd full speed and walk back, a lot of reps
–This is another day that reminds me how and why I love what I do.  I am here doing sprints with maybe a sub-46 400 sprinter, and we are talking about technique and getting out of breath together.  And it even seems like I know what I’m talking about.
–My tempo warmups were not fast enough, so I probably went 65% to 100%, so I was very tall too soon.  By the end of our reps, I was probably staying down for 25-30 yards.  Now I see so much clearer why Al Vermeil would say add 10-12% on a sled for improving 10-20 yard distances.  Makes perfect sense.
–Ty said I might have been doing a 5.5 40.

  • June 19, 2010

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