The Single-Leg Solution Review

Earlier this week, I got around to viewing Mike Robertson’s “The Single Leg Solution” DVD and Manual set.  I’ve had it for some time, but I typically get into phases where I do more reading than watching DVDs.  I can read for a short period of time and get to the end of a chapter, but I don’t like not finishing a DVD in 1 sitting.

The most overwhelming sentiment I have is that this DVD would be a premiere choice for a trainer that is stuck in a big box setting needing to get folks off the machines.  This product maps out start to finish and the corrections along the way for the step-up, split squat, RFE split squat, -leg unsupported squat, and and SLDL.  You can’t go wrong following these easy steps for these important moves.

I also love this DVD for PTs struggling with understanding or following what really is supposed to happen in an ideal fitness environment.  Of course I’ll run the risk of sounding condescending, but most PTs have no clue how to train fitness or athletics, and these progressions give you the cookbook to either give a discharging patient or progressing to discharge with a fitness program.

The manual provides an objective appraisal of the pros and cons of 2- and 1-leg squat patterns, which is something I think folks are missing when they are hearing certain messages.  No one is saying that squats are bad, or that you should never do them.  There are inherent risks and rewards to both styles of moves.

Also please check out the 2010 Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar that Mike is running in Indianapolis.!/
Mike, Bill Hartman, Bret Jones, Lee Taft, all good people that have something for you to hear.

No affiliate stuff too.  Just good people.

  • June 11, 2010

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michael Reply

Great to read a review that doesn’t end with an affiliate link. Too many of those floating around that typically cloud the material.

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