Cobra Follow-Up

Off my recent post on my thoughts on the Cobra yoga pose,, I picked up a couple more questions that I thought were worth reposting…………….

1. You mentioned this pose is included with a package of mobility exercises for mobility challenged folk. Is this done as homework, before the session or both?

-All of the above.  When someone needs mobility work, aka adult male, typical ass kicker, moves like a robot in a 1 piece, the resistance of their own body can serve the same purpose as adding load. Sometimes this can be the whole workout.  Certainly homework makes a ton of sense when someone shows up with a poor FMS.  You can tell them do this, this, and this, and come back in 2-3 weeks.  Still go to the gym, just cut out this, this, and this, and let’s go back at it.  I think you’ll see some nice things.

2. When holding in the cobra pose, what sort of set and rep scheme do you favor?

–18,000 sets of 4 billion.  As much as possible with mobility drills.  Do whatever makes sense.  What it is in a session, sometimes we will count as long as it takes to catch your breath from some other more challenging movement or exercise.  8s seem to make the most sense.  6s, 10s.  You do need more than a few reps, but sometimes the reps may be a function of how many breaths you take at the bookends of the movements or how many neck turns we use as well.  Breathing and cervical motion are big triggers for the inner core that we need to protect the spine in positions of maximal mobility.

3. Could you name some of the other poses included in your mobility package for clients?

–Pressup (Cobra), crocodile breathing, ASLR leg lowering, Rib Roll, Clamshell, seated t/s extension, half kneeling hip flexor, half kneeling ankle.  I would also like to add Indian Clubs to this so we can get GH, t/s, lumbar, hip, and ankle mobility with these 5-8 moves.
Hope this helps, but indeed the cobra or pressup is very much a part of the FMS.  It is indeed the clearing test for the TSPU.  It qualifies what I call the Core Pendulum theory.  You can’t stabilize in the middle if the pendulum of the spine can’t go end to end.

  • July 11, 2010

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