DE Lower – 7.10.10

Me. Barcelone
–Lifted @ his house after Spidertech seminar in South Philly

Warmup: RDLs empty

Deadlift (JS platform, mini quad’d, barefoot)
a whole bunch of 3s @ 154+minis
1×3 275+minis
1×3 308+minis
1×2 341+minis
2×1 363+minis (missed the double on both attempts)
1xfail 385+minis
–I didn’t have much after the long day, and just wasn’t feeling it.   I had no intensity.
–And of course the DE becomes ME as is typically the case.

Reverse Hypers
+50 1×10
+70 3×10
–Mike was pleased with feeling it in the right spots after showing him how they can be done correctly.

Stevie P Rows
3s up to 275

Pictures with cool stuff

  • July 11, 2010

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