DE Upper – 7.26.10

Me, Tom, Jeff Stru, David Silver from 90210, Ant, Jody
–Felt awful. 2 horrible nights of poor sleep.

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Indian Clubs

Bench Press (3 grips – finger off smooth, thumb+ off smooth, pinky on the ring)
Triples up to 210+80 bands
–Only got 2 on last set, I was not mentally prepared today
–Aside from not feeling into it, I picked a stupid day to try to get up on my toes to bench.  I thought about switching back into my OL shoes, but it would have taken too long.  Good to know at least that I can dismiss going back to up on my toes for now.

TRX Inverted Rows /  JM Press
BW Decline 2×10, BW long leg 2×15
45 1×12, 135 2×10

Band Pull-Aparts / Incline Rolling DB Extensions
mini 4×15
25 2×15

Shoulder Conditioning
Indian Clubs – Movement #3 very slow, 1 and 2 fast
–Very challenging to figure out going to the right with movement 3.  Left was the way I went first, so maybe that is why it was easier to nail.
–In Warmup worked a lot on the little circle and driving the elbow in where of course my pec seems to get in the  way.

Overall, today was good to fight through, but always disappointing when you don’t feel into it.  Doing anything with bands like that never helps too.
Me and Tom are looking at an ADAU meet on 8.14 where we would both get down to 165.  Going raw is not the problem, but no knee or wrist wraps are allowed.  That simply does not complement my techniques in powerlifting, but there’s a good chance we will try to put it all together.  The IPA meet we were going on track for is out for me since I will be at one of my high school friend’s wedding in Vermont.  So in 2 Wedensdays when we max out on Squat, it will be with these ADAU rules.

  • July 26, 2010

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