ME Lower – 7.21.10

Me, Tom, David Silver from 90210, Ant, Santo, Jody
–Been heavy for the last few weeks, 182.75 BW after squats

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, ALSR, Segmental Rolling, Supine Wall Slides

Box Squat (UCLA Bar)
Doubles up to 470
Single @ 520 (IPF Metal over Inzer briefs)
Double @ 440
–UCLA bar is just like a Texas Squat Bar.  Supposedly there are only 15 in existence.
–440 was touch and go squatting to a box, not a real box squat.  I wanted to do that to get a feel for a raw free squat lift.
–Red briefs felt a little jacked up, so I probably got something out of them after not wearing them for 2-3 weeks.
–520 was a slow lift, but I definitely had more.  That combination of Inzer briefs and IPF Squatter is what I wore when I squatted 705 @ probably a BW of 213.  I am swimming in that gear now.
–Everybody brought it today with big PRs for Ant, Santo.  David will PR either next week or the week after when we just go for singles.
–Tom finished out with a double @ 450 after missing his 1st @ 440.  He has an uncanny way of missing lifts or taking scary steps and then regrouping and hitting it.
–We will go 50% next week and then in 2 weeks go big.  I will wear my ACE briefs and IPF squatter and wraps, which is what I wore @ 207 BW to hit 800.

Indian Clubs – All speeds, Movements 1 and 2
Armbar -20kg 3×5
Pullaparts – Miniband 3×15

Conditioning (Ropes, double waves, overhand grip)
10′ 40/30

  • July 21, 2010

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Not clear on your lingo for the ropes. Is that 10 sets of 40 sec. work/30 sec. rest? BTW when are you aiming to compete in a meet again?
Bruce Kelly

Charlie Reply

10 minutes of 40 on, 30 off, Bruce.

I was going to compete in August, but now with the move, who knows when I will compete next.
My training will probably shift to qualifying for the PFT for MARSOC.

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