ME Lower – 7.31.10

Me, Tom, Matt, Tyrone, David Silver from 90210 Dr. Nick, Ray S
–Off the Floor
–Thick Grip TBDL

Deadlift (Okie Bar, barefoot)
3s up to 425
single @ 515
missed 2x @ 565
–Okie felt like it bent to my knees barely getting it off the floor.  My pull isn’t complementary with this bar.  I probably never got more than a hitched 585 with the Okie bar when I pulled 600 and 605.  565 was also a wheel, 5 25s, a 10, a 35, and a wheel.  I think I would have gotten more movement off the floor if the weight was closer on the collars.
double @ 500 with straps
–Gave up on the 2nd above the knees after I knew I got the lift
–Tom had the same stall with 475.
–Ty was a crane with 500 for 3 or 4 singles.
–Ray S never did more than 365 and got a clean 405 then an inspiring  hitched 415.  Training with a crew with loud music and everybody yelling was a 1st time experience for Ray S.  It never fails.

Rolling Thunder Grip Inverted Rows / ArmBar
BW long legs 3×10
24 kg 2×3/3 – 5 shoulder rotations, 1×3/3

Conditioning – Quick Death (Me, Ty, Matt, Ray S)
Prowler Sprint Relay (~50 yds) 12x
–I didn’t quite understand what 1 round meants as Ty called the drill.  Matt and I worked on crocodile breathing when we were done, more by necessity than anything else.

  • July 31, 2010

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