ME Lower – 7.7.10

Me, Tom, New Jeff, David Silver from 90210, Santo, Jody

Warmup: Foot Self-MFR, Toe Pulls, Segmental Rolling, Raptor, Brettzel 2.0

Box Squat (Buffalo Bar, IPF Metal Squatter straps down)
460 2×2
510 1×4 (high box)
510 1×4 (lower high box)
–The Squat suit is worse than the old red briefs.  Basically a raw lift.  I expected to be bouncing off the box, but max effort is max effort.
–Held the Buffalo bar very high up on C7.  Just wherever it locked in with my hands @ the collars.  No shoulder stress.
–Was supposed to go 460×5 and 480×4.  Um, not today.  Also noticed with the lack of support in the hips, I was much narrower than the last several weeks where I was very successful.
–Took a step on the 1st 510 but recovered and hammered them.
–Jody had the handle on the Monolift, and she will get better @ not going nuts in putting back the pins.  She panics pretty easily when we yell or a missed a lift.

GHR / Indian Clubs
BW x10, +20# 3×5
Movement 2 – 3 speeds x4 rounds to fatigue

20kg 1-arm swing 40x <60s
–Was planning on going for 100 in 5′, but Jody wanted to do swings too.
40kg 100x (10/rest for Jody to go)

Expected much bigger with the Buffalo bar, but heavy is heavy, and that’s all that matters.  It’s not like I was BSing or wasn’t mentally prepared.  Powering through lots of wheels gets you strong.  Cybernetic training just makes sense to me.

  • July 7, 2010

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