ME Upper – 7.2.10

Me, Tom, Jeff Stru, Santo, Ant, Crazy A

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Pressups, Segmental Rolling, Brettzel 2.0 (still trying to rename), Indian Clubs

Bench Press to 1/2 Roller (index on ring, touch-no sink)
5s up to 205+80 chains
3×215+130 chains
1×225+130 chains

2-Board Press (Metal ACE)
315 couldn’t touch, dumped one
365 touched, felt better
405 hammered
–Touching there seemed nice.  We’ll go bigger and lower next week, and we’ll see where my lockout is.  Is 455 @ 181 going to be that bad?
–Setup after Tom puts in my left hand feels very strong.  Definitely different than my previous Karin.
–Watching Bill Crawford bench is enough of a lesson for met do bench properly.  He is AI to me.  One day I would like to stand on the bench.


JM Press (thumb off smooth, suicide grip) / KB Wave Rows
up to 2×12 135+50 chains
28kg x12/12, 32kg x12/12, 40kg x9/9, 5/5

Conditioning (Ropes and 2# Indian Clubs-moderate speed)
4x 30s outside circles – 30s Movement #2 – 30s Rest
3x 15s outside circles – 15s inside circles -15s double waves – 30s Rest
–2# Clubs are WAY heavier than 1#.  WAY heavier.

  • July 2, 2010

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Dr. Art DiAntonio Reply

What BS did I just watch.A non-lockout, quadruple ply “bench” with about as uneven of movement as possible. Why are we letting the inmates run the asylum?

Charlie Reply

What you watched was the greatest shirted bench presser of all-time. His shirt is double ply denim. Lockout with big weight is always in question especially on video as it pins you into the bench during the few seconds of the movement. You will typically finish much lower than where you start.

Dennis Reply

Perspective from a rookie – I can’t believe how he maintains that high arch with so much weight. I am also very impressed with his setup at 400kgs. You can really see how tight he gets before he begins the lift. Awesome!

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