ME Upper – 7.30.10

Me, Zuck, David Silver from 90210, Ant (Chuck’s Wagon)
Tom, Jody, new guy, Crazy A (Tom’s Termites)
–We did El Gordo straight weight, and Tom did slight incline straight weight
–181.5 BW

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Segmental Rolling, Indian Clubs

Bench Press (El Gordo, no wrist wraps, pinky on the ring)
Triples up to 245
Pause Singles up to 300
–I missed 325 and dropped back down to get 300. Shoulder hurt, but not enough to shut me down. Going with no wrist wraps in prep for this ADAU meet on August 14.
–David missed 280, dropped to 245, then came back and got 280. Huge effort from David.
–Ant got 335.

Pull-Ups (5s hang) / Rope Pushdowns / Slastix W-Raises
BWx5, +15# KB on feet x6, x7
30×20, 55×15, 70×12
Purple 4×15

Bench Gauntlet (El Gordo, 1-3-5)
145+80 bands – thumb off smooth 3x
–totally pinned and unprepared for close grip
145+80 bands – pinky on ring 3x-3x-5x

Shoulder Conditioning (Indian Clubs)
Movement #3 (kneeling and open kneeling, slow and really slow)
Movement #1 (standing, fast, alternating cross)

  • July 30, 2010

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Dieter Schmidt Reply


For the Indian Club movements, is open kneeling the same thing as saying half kneeling or does this refer to something else entirely? Just curious, as sometimes slight variations in nomenclature are referring to identical things, whereas other times they are entirely different.

By the way, thank you for sharing this blog with us. It’s an honor to stop by, and it is remarkably inspiring to encounter someone who possesses your level of knowledge and insight and still always finds time to walk the walk, as well. I wish you all the best for continued success, both in your career and in the gym.

Charlie Reply

Dieter – Open Half Kneeling is half kneeling with the front leg externally rotated. If you were half kneeling (regular), you would not be able to perform the large circles in the swinging techniques as your leg/knee would always be in the way.

Charlie Reply

And indeed thank you, as always, for the good words.

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