DE Upper – 8.23.10

Me, Matt, Jeff Stru, David Silver from 90210, Zucker, Zucker’s son

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Frog Squat

2-Board Press (bent thumb off smooth, sinking it low)
Triples up to 155+100 bands

4-Board Press (thumb off smooth, sinking it low)
2×5 325
–need help more than I would have preferred

TRX Inverted Rows / Straight Bar Pushdowns / Landmines
BW Legs Parallel – 3×15, 1×10
40 1×20, 50 2×20
Bar 3×10/10

Shoulder Conditioning
2-arm Tall Kneeling Movement 2 – Slow
–My worst move from 1-4
Played with standing Movement 5
–I usually do better nailing one of the new moves standing.  Got it the best I’ve done so far.

Conditioning (Ropes, neutral grip, double arm wave)
10′ – 30/30

  • August 23, 2010

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