DL – 8.28.10

Me and Matt

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Static Hips/Dynamic Arms, Indian Clubs

18″ Rack Pull (barefoot, off blocks, O/O w/straps)
up to 675
–Took 2 attempts at 765 on the same grip. Felt like the Okie bent forever, and on both reps, I even stood up on the video as if to lock out the lift. I felt my back would have broken if I kept pulling.  Felt strong enough, but this Okie bar is alway my nemesis.  So is laying out 45s instead of using 100s.
–Previous PR was 745 @ somewhere between 205-212.
–Matt was interesting as he got to 365 after a lot of struggle between 315 and 365.  These are weights he is around off the floor, but @ 18″, he doesn’t have an advantage.   He is very limited on GHR, so I wonder if bringing up the GHR and hamstrings in extension will help his gas the next time he has to qualify on the Snatch Test.  I think it will.

It was hard leaving the gym today as I am leaving tomorrow for NC.  For those that know me personally, I am a pretty emotional person.  Today was an example.
The best lifts I’ve done were heavy shrugs and rack pulls, so I chose rack pull today as I don’t do shrugs anymore.  It would have been cool to get the PR @ some 30 pounds lighter.   I didn’t leave anything on the platform when I tried 765.  I know a lot of people think powerlifting is silly or unsafe, but for me, it is who I am and what I do.
Tom, Jody, Matt, Steve P, and our lifting crew have become some of my best friends, and Tom’s gym has been a safe and healthy place for me over the last 3 years.
I am leaving out tomorrow morning with very cold feet as this whole military process has been very trying, but I have been all in for a few months now.

I know if it doesn’t work out, I will be able to come home.

This morning I left home.

  • August 28, 2010

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Sam.Leahey@gmail.com Reply

No matter the route you take, Charlie, you will be succesfull indeed. Whether it’s the military or back to the NBA as a Head Strength Coach / PT.

We loved having you here in the northeast and you’ll surley be missed. Thank God you have a website!

bkellylimerick@gmail.com Reply

Good luck in NC. When I’m down visiting my daughter may try to extend the visit to see you if I don’t need special security clearance. Good luck and I hope you keep contributing to the forum and the S & C community at large.

Patrick Ward Reply

Great job, Charlie. Good luck on your trip down to NC!


Barry Solan Reply

Charlie – the very best of luck to you in your new job.
Those guys are the lucky ones having an individual like yourself looking after them.
I am sure you will continue to learn plenty and I look forward to learning as much of it as I can understand!! Keep up the great work..

Hal Starks Reply

CLASS ACT. All the best to you, Charlie as you embark upon a new chapter.

Fionn MacPartlin Reply

Best of luck Charlie, keep up the good work.

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