Extra Work/Sucking/ADAU Meet – 8.10-14.10

Worked with Steve Pucciarelli Tuesday morning. Shoulder felt great – stayed great all the way through the meet.

Lots of Indian Clubs and Battling Ropes

Got to 177.8 for Friday night. Sushi that night, came in Saturday morning @ 181.4.

So ADAU is belt only. No gear, no wrist or knee wraps.

Opener: 330 2/3
2nd: 413 2/3
3rd: 519 couldn’t get out
I opened so light to stay in the meet as I was in great fear of these ludicrous depths they demand. And they still only gave me 2 lights. And then of course some dickhead in the crowd goes up to a judge and says my underwear (Scotty Rego-issued terry tights) is lower than my singlet. I proceeded to undress in front of the head judge to show they were not powerlifting briefs.
The depth is such a joke. Below parallel is below parallel, not 2″ below parallel. I could have cut the 520 to get back up and still been under. Tom said the 520 was as low as he’s ever seen me squat.
As soon as they see someone sit back into a squat in these “anti-gear” feds, the screw job is in. They got Tom too, who I think they only gave his opener to.

Opener: 275 – 3 whites
2nd: 319 – pinned after at least a 4-5 second pause
3rd: 319 – push pressed it with a legitimate pause
Absolutely ludicrous consistency, and they did Tom the same way. On his last bench, he jumped the press call it took so long. Then he almost lowered it back down; that’s how long the press command took.

So Tom and I left early. ADAU is a total scam. Even with a 319, I still had the biggest bench for the 1st day which went up to the 181s.
Total joke.
Just because I wear body armor when I compete doesn’t mean the rules are different for me if I choose to pay the entry fee and membership card and actually want to compete raw. Great way to continue to keep up the divide in powerlifting.

  • August 20, 2010

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vchen@westfield-fitness.com Reply

Ridiculous. Below parallel is indeed below parallel…

Total screw job. You should have looked for Vince McMahon somewhere in the crowd and spit on him.

Charlie Reply

Tom almost did do much worse to the head judge in the bench. It was sickening, but I suspect I looked good in the singlet and pinched sleeves.

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