ME Lower – 8.25.10

Me, Matt, David Silver from 90210

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Frog Squats, Static Hips/Dynamic Shoulders

Spider Bar Box Squat (Barefoot, IPF Metal Squatter bottoms)
5x 355+80 chains
5x 375+80 chains
5x 395+80 chains
–Matt is starting to figure out the box squat vs. squatting to a box. David figured this out months ago when lighter weights felt very heavy, but he always grinded them out. After a while, his technique is very solid. Matt is where David was several months ago trying to figure out the sitting back with chest up and then leading back up with the chest.

GHR / KB Wave Rows
BW 4×12
28kg x10/10, 40kg 2×10/10

Plank with Arm Reach /  1-leg Push-ups / Indian Clubs
3x 5/5 alternating
3x 5/5
Standing Movement 5, Tall Kneeling Movement 2
–Movement 5 is still a butchered work in progress (I still seem to nail it better standing), and 2 is my nemesis.

  • August 25, 2010

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Travis Hansen Reply

Hey Charlie,
I like this quote. Boyle formerly was a powerlifter though right? I love how you analyze all angles and you are not absolute in your approach.

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