ME Upper – 8.20.10

Me, Matt, Zucker

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Z-Drills, Indian Clubs

Floor Press (Swiss Bar, 3rd Grip)
Triples up to 215+80 chains
Double @ 220+80 chains

2-Board Floor Press (Swiss Bar, 3rd Grip)

Supra Bar Extensions / Ab Dolly Rollouts / Pull-ups
+50 1×8, +90 3×5
4×5 for breath @ end
BW 4×6

Shoulder Conditioning
Indian Clubs Movement #2 – 2 arms, Open Kneeling – 3×10/10, slow

  • August 20, 2010

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On another note, when is your DVD coming out?

Charlie Reply

Looks another week or two.

raymccarthy3rd Reply

Charlie> Can you pass on the info on your DVD Bruce asked about above. Also I would be interested in seeing your own personal weekly routine. I have just started to look at your daily workouts but would love to see what your week looks like> I understand it probably varries from week to week but if you have a simple template you could share with us that would be cool.

Ray McCarthy

Charlie Reply

Ray, my routine is Westside-based, 4 days a week, pretty much by the book.
It is completely cybernetic so sometimes I cut things out or add more.

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