DE Upper – 9.6.10

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Frog Squats, Indian Clubs

Bench Press
9×3 45+100 air
–Ivanko Bar – 3 grips: pinky 1st ring, index on 1st ring, pinky 2nd ring
–decent weight to work on form, everything felt really good and in the groove
–much heavier/harder than 145
Singles up to 45+185 air
–couldn’t unrack 45+195 by myself

Tall Kneeling BU KB Press / Rib Roll
12kg 5/5, 5/5/3L; 8kg 5/5/5L
–Big asymmetry on L
Wall Blocked 3×8/8 w/breath @ end

PB Tricep Extension / Wide-Grip Pull-Up / Armbar + 1/4 Get-Up
35 2×10
–Can’t tell if Powerblocks should feel harder than Dumbells
BW 2×5
–With the rolling handle attachment, this was really neutral grip wide pull-ups; felt new and odd
24kg 2×3+3/3+/4

KB Snatch
16 kg x40 (10/10/10/10) – 1:39
24kg x20 (10/10) – 0:49
–This was F’d up.  Probably looked pretty bad.  Elbow clanged a couple times.  Felt heavy.

Going to give the Snatch Test a ride for RKC at some point this Spring or early Summer.
As we get settled here, some soft tissue and laser work on both shoulders, I think will get me what I need in terms of shoulder health.  What I accomplished with Steve P and Liz Perez and the diet since September has gotten me to this kind of workout pain-free and not wildly restricted.  My training logs from months ago would never support this kind of workout.  No shot.

  • September 6, 2010

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Brian Bott Reply

Charlie.. any description on your plans/template/reasoning behind the “air”. I’m unfamiliar with the usage or any of it’s application. I could see it being a little easier on the joints.

Charlie Reply

As far as the programming, for DE, I am just going by bar speed. I have no clue how to come up with percentages for Prilepin.

Whether it’s easier on the joints or not
The company line with air resistance is that it does not follow the laws of intertia as plates and chains.
With mass resistance, objects in motion tend to stay in motion, so as you get good bar speed moving of any weight, the bar wants to keep moving. Aside from the each movement or joint’s force curve making the lift easier @ different angles, when you use air, the resistance is always the same throughout the lift. That can be very useful in developing strength throughout the full curve.

I have access to it, so I am going to use it as long as it feels good.

With the racks though, the cost is prohibitive. I would never outfit a whole gym with these racks. Even with money as no object, I would maybe go every other rack with Keiser and a heavy duty sumo rack with attachments.

Brian Bott Reply

Thanks! Sounds like it would be a great tool for DE work. I’ll be interested in seeing your results from it. I gotta get my uncle (John) to get in touch with you regarding PT. The years have taken their toll and he’s having some serious hip issues. My guess is he would value your imput more than pts/orthos with no knowledge of powerlifting.

Charlie Reply

You know where to find me, but I don’t do well with diagnosis by Internet. Reply

I was reading another study today discussing the pneumatic resistance and it had to admit that the absolutle load a muscle puts out with pneumatic resistance may be less than what it would put out with a free weight exercise at the same intensity level. There’s still much research needed on the topic but i do find it interesting.

All the best,


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