Groin Issues

I was hoping you can point me in the right direction. I have had a couple of football players in the past who have had groin strains. What issues, dysfunctions and/or asymetries should I be looking at? I have them do a lot foam rolling but I feel I need to be looking at other issues or antagonists muscles?

It can be a number of things since the “groin” is made up of muscles that will cause similar symptoms in the same area but some of which have singular contributions.

1. It can be too much of a good thing. You may just be doing too much frontal-lateral work, such as what we see in hockey and soccer players.

2. It may be a hip flexor compensation. Some of the smaller or high groin muscles like the pectineus can take over for an inhibited psoas and/or overworked rectus femoris or Sartorius.

3. It may be a hip extensor compensation. When the hamstrings are facilitated/glutes inhibited the ADDuctor Magnus will hugely assist in hip extension.

As usual, I would always let the FMS be your guide in a non-painful athlete, but I would look out particularly with single-leg stance.

Lots of players can qualify for "pulled groin," several of which are not ADDuctors.

  • September 13, 2010

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I see the pectineus muscle involved a lot in these issues. I typically deep tissue laser, soft tissue release, and assess mobility, stability, and movement control. I see locked down hips and hip extensor problems. Great post Charlie.

Dietmar Schalke Reply


Thanks for sharing this information. Quality stuff, as always. While I recognize that the comments section on a blog post is not a request line, I wanted to throw out a topic for a potential future post. Periodically I will see trainers and coaches making suggestions for incorporating long-duration, low-load static stretching into a program. Perhaps if you find the time and have the inclination, you could share a few of your views on this topic, specifically times when you would deem such an intervention as useful, areas where and/or instances when this would be contraindicated, and some examples of how you would personally suggest these be used if deemed appropriate (i.e. optimal set-ups for typical problem areas that may require something along these lines).

If course if this is outside the realm of possibility, I understand completely. Thank you for reading my comments.

Charlie Reply

I’ll put it on the list Dietmar.
We had what is now a Best Of thread on Strengthcoach that I can paraphrase as a post.

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