ME Lower – 10.23.10

@ Tom’s, oh so nice to be back home
Me, Tom, Matt, Tyrone, L-Train, Jody and girls came @ like 7.
–Larry was in town to see me and Thomas Myers speak yesterday in NYC, and since he was staying in Red Bank, he made the ride over to Marlboro for 615 training.  Very impressed with his interest in a powerlifting session with not a lot of movement training.  I think the stuff we do with “dinosaur” or “less-planar” training supercharges the  multi-planar training real movements of athletic and ADL movement.  There’s no shame in being strong as all get out.
–Tom showed me the UTC Phase 2 manual which has a 1-page from me.  Came out cleanly.  I hope it translated well how joint-by-joint training is every bit as important as a complement to the nutrition component for his program.

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Segmental Rolling, Pressups, Brettzel 2.0, Indian Clubs

DL (Okie bar, barefoot)
–505 took me by surprise on the first attempt, then I got it. Not fast, but not slow. 525 was a predefeat. A little annoyed, but not too bad for first time going off the floor in maybe 3 months.
–Tyrone continues to be a DL crane.  We remarked that this was how Ben Johnson trained.  It is going to be so cool to watch him do his little warmup thingees in the Olympics.

GHR / Reverse Hyper / Wheel Roll-Outs
BW 2×10, BW + 25# 1×5+2
+70 1×10, +90 1×10, +110 1×10
BW 3×10

Conditioning (me, Matt, Ty, L-Train, Mark, Bret the Hitman)
Prowler – ~40-50 yards
empty 3x down/back
+20 3x down/back
+40 3x down/back
–Me, Ty, and L-Train by the end, so rest started out bigger and kept getting dropped.  I was not sprinting by the +40.
–Lots of crocodile breathing when we got back inside.

So nice to be back in the gym with everybody.
Thank you.

  • October 23, 2010

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Coach Len Kuhn Reply

You sound relaxed and happy to be home, don’t get to settled, want you back a Lejuen, I hear you have a combine coming up, if possible want to sit in or help out, have a safe return.

John Heger Reply

It sounds like you had a pretty good DL day. It is just nice to read that you did not break another rack.

Charlie Reply

About to head out now. Maybe be there by 9-10pm.

John – Breaking racks only happens when using a lot of weight.

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